Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites!

I'm going to hijack this post of my usual Friday Favourites because tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary.  We got married in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 23, 2009.  It was a beautiful weekend and we were very lucky to have so many friends and family celebrate with us.  In honour of our anniversary I wanted to tell you my five favourite things about our wedding day.

 1. Our cake. I loved our cake, it had fondant on that outside and I love fondant.  We kept the top layer in our freezer to eat on our first anniversary and I honestly thought about it for the whole year.  Unfortunately the place that made our cake decided not to continue with wedding cakes. 

2. Getting married in Halifax.  This is where we met and spent our university years.  It was good to be back home and introduce some of our family and friends to the city.

3. Having our grandparents there.  All of them are gone now.  The lady in the blue dress is Dave's Nana Hazel, and the other couple is my grandparents, Nana Do and Papa Doug.

4.  We did a thing at the beginning at the night where all of the couples in the room started the dancing.  Then the DJ asked those that weren't married to step away, the those that were married for less than 5 years to step away, etc., until we got to those had been married for more than 60 years.  My grandparents ended up as the only couple on the floor.  They were married in August 1947.

5. Marrying my best friend. I always say Dave is "my favourite Davies" which is certainly true since I don't know any other "Davies" but he is my favourite guy for sure.  We've been doing pretty good these past 6 years, so here is to many more!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy 6th Anniversary, Sarah & Dave! Wishing you many more joyful years together. XXOO

  2. My grandparents have all passed away (and I had three sets of them on my side) and I'm getting married this fall. One day I was just browsing photos taken at our reception venue to get ideas on lighting and there was a candid of the bride and her grandpa with a sweet caption and I just lost it! So I get how special it must have been to have all of your grandparents be there! My fiance's paternal grandparents will be there, so I'm happy about that!