Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Cards

I send out about 50 Christmas cards, not including family.  I used to do the Christmas letter thing, but this year and last year I just did a photo card from Shutterfly, and added a link to this blog.  That way people can catch up with what we're doing all year.

Here is our card for this year.

I love receiving cards too.  I don't think as many people send cards as they used to, but I appreciate each one that we get.  I put them up on our kitchen cabinets so I can enjoy them all.  Some people I only connect with at this time of year, but that's okay. Sometimes we go through seasons in our lives when we don't see everyone that we'd like to see, or talk to them all of the time, but keeping in touch occasionally is sometimes the best we can do, and that's why I send the cards.

Now I don't like to pick favourites, but I am going to this year.  The one in the right upper corner is a homemade card of a Toronto streetcar with a wreath on the front, love it!!

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