Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend for us; they will all be busy until after Christmas, I'm sure.  I spent Friday doing a little Black Friday shopping, with a few hours of work thrown in.  I went to the Toronto Premium Outlets and then to Yorkdale Mall.  Needless to say, when I got home I was exhausted.  Dave went to the movies and I stayed home to do Christmas cards and watch Hockey Wives. 

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go pick out our Christmas tree.  We go to Plant World to get our tree.  Not only do they have trees, they have a lot of options for greenery and outdoor and indoor decorations.  

This is a framer. I didn't even tell him to pick it up and pose for this photo, he did it on his own.

Tree loaded up on the cart.

We got the tree loaded up on the car, drove him to leave it in the backyard, and then went to a birthday party.  The party was for a neighbour but they were having the party at a community centre.  There was a Paw Patrol theme so E was into that. 

He patiently waited for the birthday boy's mom to cut the piece with Rubble's face on it and he got that one.

After the party we dropped off my shoebox and then got lunch at Tim Hortons and went to the library. 

This is E telling Dave what extinct means.

After we got home, I wiped down the interior of the car and then swept the front steps, while Dave cleaned the garage.  Then we went to visit our friends and their new baby.  New babies are so lovely, although I felt like I had forgotten how to support his head.  I figured it out though.  When we got home we put our tree up so it could settle overnight before we hung the decorations. 

For supper we were invited to an impromptu dinner party.  We had a great time visiting with friends and enjoyed delicious pasta, salad and pecan butter tarts.  E and I had dinner and then went home while Dave stayed later to watch the basketball game. 
The Downing-Laurence Dinosaur

E was scared of the dog so he opted to hide behind the chair and watch Paw Patrol on Dave's phone.  He came out to eat with us but then hurried back there afterwards. 

On Sunday Dave and I both went for runs (separately) and then E and I headed to church to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent (Hope).  After church E and I both decorated some paper bags for the sack lunch program for the homeless that our church assists with each year. 

After lunch we started decorating the tree.  I found this meme rather fitting.  

I'm keeping it real with this photo.  We had two ornament casualties this year and I had thin patience at times. But all in all I think E enjoyed the tree decorating experience and the popcorn snack we had mid-afternoon. 

A tour of our decorations will happen next Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I must have OCD, too, regarding the tree since I am adjusting ornaments for a couple of days after I decorate our tree. One reason I like artificial tree branches...you can move them to just the right place for the ornament to hang the way you want!