Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another fun filled weekend and we still (somehow) got a lot accomplished.   On Friday night we watched the first Hunger Games movie.  I never tire of those movies but we wanted to brush up before we see part 4 later this month.  

E was not watching Hunger Games by the way, this was the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (followed by Charlie Brown Christmas)

I set my alarm for early Saturday morning so I would not miss the Toronto Recreation sign up for swimming (as I have done in the past).  I pressed refresh for about 30 minutes but got through and registered for the swimming lessons we wanted.  

After that I went to pick up some groceries and then I went to get my hair done for my office Christmas party.  E had Sportball and Dave prepped the basement for his Sunday project (more on that below).   In the afternoon I made a soup for E and the babysitter's supper, vacuumed and then we went to buy a new mattress for our soon to be 4th bedroom downstairs.  

We got ready for the party and off we went.  Cocktails first, then dinner and some dancing.  The pictures got less respectable as the night went on, I am only sharing a few. 

Given the fun we had the night before, my Sunday morning looked like this:

I roused myself off the couch by lunchtime and started to get organized for the day.  I put together my party prep schedule for making cookies and picking up other food.  Then I figured out how much I needed for baking supplies. 

E worked on his letter to Santa while I started making oat cakes.

Then we walked ran down the street to mail the letter.  

Pizza for supper and then some Polar Express.  E was very excited.

Dave's project was pouring concrete in the basement.  Fortunately our friend Matt came over to help which meant I didn't need to get involved. We were both happy he came over.   The part of the basement floor where we are putting the fourth bedroom was about 2 inches lower than the rest, so that needed to built up before framing. 

One skid of concrete




They worked hard!  


  1. Great fun photos! Your party dress is lovely. Nice hair. You both looked beautiful! Loved seeing E mailing his letter to Santa. You do keep busy and it looks like you will be busy baking this week...with a bit of help later on. And seriously....Dave does cement mixing and flooring now?!! You guys are amazing!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. You're a great working mom!