Monday, December 14, 2015

Little Things - Part 4

Another instalment of of being thankful for the little things, that are really big things when you think about it. 

Bake Sales
E's school had a craft fair and bake sale one evening last week.  He had $2 to spend so he got a sugar cookie and a chocolate macaroon and sat on the floor to eat them, complete with shoes on the wrong feet.  Good times.

Wine recommendations from my uncle
When we were out at the grocery store on Friday night, my uncle phoned and I was talking to him about this year's Beaujolais-Nouveau.  He told me to see if I could find the Joseph Drouhin one so we picked up a few bottles when we went to the LCBO.  It was very tasty. 

Watching movies as a family
We watched The Family Stone on Friday night when Dave's parents and my mom were here.  

Christmas Socks

Watching Dave and E put together a Lego set (although E is getting better at doing it himself)

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  1. What fun!!! I haven't watched the Family Stone in ages. I feel like I'm due!