Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favourites

Linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favourites.

I know I said I was not going to turn this into a Justin Trudeau fan page but I loved this video of him answering a few quick questions in 60 seconds.  

Oops, wrong Justin.

Here we go...

Another favourite thing of mine is this video.  There are so many of these, I love them all. 

Something I love about my job is the opportunity to go to different events.  This week our Governor General (the Queen's representative in Canada, for you American readers) spoke at an event in Oakville. He talked about why we are welcoming Syrian refugees in Canada. He speaks so well and I really enjoyed being able to attend.

On Tuesday I shared photos from my favourite event of the holiday season, our family's drop-in.  

Rest up this weekend, next week is Christmas!!

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