Thursday, April 20, 2017

Baby Food Ideas

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my love of the Baby Bullet for making my own baby food for Q.  Since then he has tried a bunch of vegetables and fruit.  Next up is eggs and meat (which I will still make in the Bullet).  After that I'll be looking for some baby friendly recipes to make.  I've tried giving Q little pieces of food to pick up on his own, but he hasn't figured that out yet.  When he does, we will start giving him bits of our own food to try.  We are big believers that kids should be eating the same thing as the adults and that everyone eats together.  That being said, having something especially for Q will come in handy when we are on the go, or if the meal we are eating just won't translate for him.

Rice rusks seem to be a common staple for babies around here, and E used to eat them too, but I want to try making my own version.  I want to try something like this recipe although I don't think the camomile is necessary (we have the naturopathic camomile medicine for Q's teething anyway).

These carrot stars look similar.

I remember making meatballs for E that could be easily made in bulk stored in the freezer. I found this recipe that includes veggies that will add moisture and nutrients.  You could probably substitute zucchini for the spinach, and ground chicken or turkey too.

I love this recipe for muffins.  No sugar, no fat, lots of fruits and veggies.

We often add cauliflower or butternut squash to our macaroni and cheese recipe anyway, but it is a fun way to serve it to a baby.  I like the little star shapes or detalini pasta shapes.

Please share your ideas for homemade baby food in the comments!

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