Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weekend Recap

Whew, what a loooong weekend, but fun!  On Friday morning, Dave and his dad went for a long run. Then his mom and E went for a walk to meet the guys on their way back.  When they all got back, E and I did some Easter "crafts" in the basement.  We decorated some paper plates, pretending they were Easter eggs.

After Q woke up from his nap, we went to the playground.  It was sunny and warm, although there was a cool breeze.  Something I love about Good Friday is that since most things are closed, you have no obligation to do errands and a trip to the park is just about the only thing to do. 

Swinging together

A Good Friday tradition of fish and chips for supper.  We ordered them in advance and ate early because Dave's parents were headed to the Blue Jays game. 

After supper, we went for a walk by the river.  It was the nicest part of the day, no wind and the sun was still warm. 

Who needs toys when you can bring a bungee cord to the park?  

We had a relaxing rainy morning on Saturday and then we got on the subway to go to the Blue Jays game ourselves.  We met our neighbours there and had a nice afternoon.  Q fell asleep on my lap. We had pizza, beer, and popcorn.  The Jays even managed to pull off a win (they are few and far between!), and we lined up for E to run the bases after the game. 

Dave's usual foot long hot dog. 

Heading onto the field

There he goes!

And here he comes into home plate

On Easter morning, a couple of us got up bright and early to go to the sunrise church service held by our church and another church.  It was right by our house so E rode his bike and Dave's mom and I walked behind.

It was a beautiful morning to be up early

When we got back, it was Easter basket and egg hunt time. 

Dressed up for church.

In the afternoon, Dave and his dad finished putting the television and sound bar up on the wall, E made some place cards for our dinner, and I got the food ready.  I talked about our menu here.

We all fit around the table

On Sunday night we watched Hidden Figures; it was so good, if you haven't seen it yet!

Dave worked on Monday, and his parents left mid-morning.  E did some painting while Q napped in the morning.  Then we went to the Junction to pick up some groceries, and then after lunch E went to the neighbours' to play.  I made baby food and watched Romeo and Juliet (I will never tire of this movie, Leo!!).  After that, I took four boys (and Q) to the playground.  I had visions of a little baseball game, but it was a gong show instead!  We tried and at least everyone ran around for a bit.  

We finished off our weekend with a bit of the Leafs game, and then catching up on our Sunday night shows that we had recorded.   Another Easter in the books. 

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  1. What a great weekend spent with loved ones! Yes, that jays win was a good one