Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekend Recap

On Thursday evening, my parents were flying through Toronto on their way back from a cruise in Florida.  Their flight was cancelled so they ended up at our house for the night.  Although it is always nice to travel without incident, we were still happy to have this impromptu visit.  It worked out really well because I had a dentist appointment on Friday morning so they could watch Q and Dave could just drop E at school and go to work without having to worry about Q.  I did some errands with Mom in the afternoon and after supper (BBQ'd hamburgers!), they went back to the airport to finally go home.  

Dave read some books with E before bed. 

It was dry and warm on Saturday so as soon as Q went down for his nap, the rest of us went outside to clean up the yard.

Before coming in for lunch, E made this birthday cake.

After lunch we went to get E some new shoes and pick up some ingredients for supper.  Then Q went for his afternoon nap and we went outside again.  Dave cleaned up the front porch and I cleaned the inside of the car.  Then we walked down to see our neighbours and hung out there for a bit before going home to make pizzas for supper. 

On Sunday morning I went for a little walk.  I got some cash at the bank for the bake sale at church and some tulips.   I snapped these photos of the flowers for sale.

We went to church and then after Q's nap, we went back to our neighbours to decorate some eggs and hang out.  It was not as warm as we had hoped but it was nice to be outdoors with friends. 

I came back to make supper.  We had steaks and then I used up a bunch of things in the fridge - roasted red potatoes, sweet potato and butternut squash, and fried mushrooms, red onion and green pepper for the top of the steak.  I also used up most of the kale for a simple salad.  

We ended our evening with the Raptors game and Big Little Lies. 


  1. What a happy looking crew on outdoor clean-up duty! Great photos! What a treat for us to be there with you all on our unexpected overlay!

  2. great blog ...look at u guys cleaning the yard ,while we still have mountains of snow .hopefully we will get spring before too long.