Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap

My mom arrived on Friday afternoon to spend the week with us.  Dave will be away for a couple of days so it will be good to have her here to help out and for the company.  We made some chicken on the BBQ and sweet potato salad.  We tried watching a movie but there were too many sports on and we were tired so we gave up.  

On Saturday Dave headed out on a long run, and the rest of us hung out at home until Q woke up and then we went for a walk up the street.
E kept himself busy with some selfies. 

Brotherly love

In the afternoon, Dave went out to watch the Raptors game and we treated ourselves to an afternoon coffee and ginger molasses cookie. 

We took advantage of my mom being in town and finally tried Campo on Jane St.  It was exactly the type of restaurant we like - small and cozy, a good drink list, tasty food, Italian and Spanish inspiration, and within walking distance.  We ordered the cured meats and marinated olives to start, then I had the chorizo meatballs served on polenta, and Dave had the house made gnocchi.  Really though we shared both of them.  Then we shared the honey cake for dessert.  I am looking forward to going back, especially for brunch.

On Sunday morning, Dave left early for the airport.  His conference doesn't start until tomorrow but he went down early with a couple of other guys to get a couple of rounds of golf in.   The weather looks very pleasant in Dallas for the next few days, so hopefully he has fun on the course before being requested in his hotel for the rest of the week.  

After breakfast and before church, I went for my own run, and had to take a picture or it doesn't count!

After church, we braved the crowds at High Park to see some of the start of the cherry blossoms and to hit up the playground.  I'm more interested in seeing the people that are in the park, it is so interesting to me.  The blossoms are just getting started but they were pretty.

Stopping for a snack by the playground (excuse my selfie skills)

Hanging out with this guy while Q napped and Mom stayed with him

The promise of a treat from the ice cream trucks parked by the subway was good motivation to get E to the top of the hill and on our way home.  Fortunately they had plenty of Spiderman popsicles when we got there.  

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, watched a bit of the Leafs game, and had an early night.

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  1. Yay for grandmas coming to help out when Dads are away! That restaurant sounds amazing. My little one would dominate those olives. Yesterday was the perfect popsicle day!