Monday, September 18, 2017

Excited for Fall

Fall starts later this week and as much as I love summer, I'm excited for lots of things about fall.

Alias Grace - Like The Handmaid's Tale, this is another TV series based on a a Margaret Atwood novel.  Sarah Polley is involved with this one, so I'm sure this will be amazing.   

Pumpkin Recipes - One of my monthly goals is to make more muffins, cookies, and breads to put in E's lunch and eat for breakfast.  Pumpkin, you're up next.

Foliage - The leaves are just starting to change and are beautiful already.  I'm hoping we can take a little road trip to pick some apples and enjoy some scenery on the way.

Halloween - I always forget about getting a costume until it's almost too late, but this year I have vowed to go early to get a costume while there are a lot of choices and sizes left.

Remembrance Day - This year Remembrance Day is on a Saturday so we will get to attend a ceremony as a family.   

Sweaters - I love a good sweater. Loft has got some good choices this season.

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