Thursday, September 28, 2017

Monthly Goals - October

My goals for September were:

Clean out my drawers and closet.  I really have a hard time getting this done every time I put it on my list. This weekend!! I swear it!

Get a haircut.  I have one booked for tomorrow!

Finish writing in Q's baby book.  No luck on getting this completed, but soon.

Bake more for breakfast and lunch.  Done.  I made these cookies and these muffins, and both times I had plenty to put in the freezer.

Bring my lunch to work instead of buying it.  I only bought my lunch once this month so I think this was a success.  I'm making a lunch for E anyway, so I may as well make the same for myself.

My goals for October are:

1. Decide what credit card I want to get.   My current one expires this month and I want to try a new one.
2. Plan E's birthday party.
3. Make a workout plan.
4. Organize our linen closet.
5. Plan a Christmas budget.

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