Monday, September 4, 2017

Ready for Back to School

We are ready to go!  We had a great weekend camping (recap coming tomorrow) and now we are just getting prepared for the big day.  

First up, a new backpack and sneakers!  Yes, I know the sneakers look huge.  Size 3!

We ordered a new lunch bag but it hasn't arrived yet.  It looks like this.  E's first day of school lunch will be pasta in his thermos, an apple, vegetables, and maybe a cookie!

We like walking to school when we can, but especially on the first day.  I love the excitement of all  of the kids gathering on the streets to walk through the neighbourhood.  It will be nice to see E's friends and their parents.  Grade 1 means a different door into the school and a different part of the playground to play on.  They will have more responsibility for themselves than in the kindergarten classes; lunch is eaten in the lunch room, not the classroom, so I hope we can minimize our lost items!

E will go to the YMCA after school program so he can start getting into a routine, but we will still walk up to get him.  I like this opportunity to hear about his day, something we could miss out on on the short car ride home.

One of E's favourite meals is macaroni and cheese, so I will make this one or this one.

I've decided to shift my part time days around this week so I don't have to go to the office tomorrow.  It made more sense since I would have been late for work anyway (school starts at 9:00).  I may just take Q to daycare and have a day to myself (kidding, I brought work home to do!).

E worked on his writing and reading this summer, and although he didn't make any great leaps and bounds, he has improved and hopefully he won't find the transition too difficult.

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  1. Happy First Day of Grade One to E! ✏️📚🖍🎨🏃🏻🤔😊