Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favourites

First of all a big Happy 1st Birthday to our big boy Q!! He came into this world bright and early on September 29, 2016.  He quickly adopted great eating and sleeping habits along with a good-natured attitude about whatever comes his way.  Q loves his big brother and can't wait to start chasing him around.  What a blessing he has been in our lives, we are truly thankful that he is part of our family.  He is a joy!

Now, onto some Friday Favourites.  Linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci.

When I was in New York on the weekend, I didn't do a lot of shopping.  Our dollar isn't at a great exchange rate right now and the prices weren't good enough to justify a lot of spending.  I did get a couple of nice things though:

These grey jeans from Bloomingdale's.  They are stretchy and I wanted something a little different from typical blue jeans.  I think our weather has finally cooled down so I will get to wear them soon.

I also love the Madewell brand that we can find at Nordstrom's in Canada, but they have Madewell stores in the US.  The price was right for these two long sleeved shirts.  I also picked up another blue t-shirt.

I am a sucker for Starbucks mugs so I could not resist this mug.  The yellow cab really sold me on it.

And just on the New York trip again, you really must see Come From Away if you get the chance.  I don't even like theatre and I loved this!!  It will be in Toronto on February...

The Invictus Games are in town this week.  I was at the Law Society on Monday for a conference and right next door at Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) they were holding the wheelchair tennis events.  I was so close to seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first public appearance together!  I walked through the square about 30 minutes before they arrived and then by the time I knew they were out there, they were gone.

The landscaping in our backyard wrapped up this week and it looks so good!  Below is a sneak peak.  More pictures to follow once we tidy up the trampled gardens, hose down the furniture, and get it all set up again.   (If you're friends with Dave on Facebook you would have seen more than a sneak peak, spoiler)

Happy Fall Weekend everyone!

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