Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favourites

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I bought these pants from Old Navy pants for E for back to school clothes. I love them, they are nice and light, so better than sweatpants for this time of year, and the heathered grey is a good shade. 

This is random I bought these Triscuits the other day for E's lunch.  I am not a huge fan of crackers because typically they offer no nutritional benefit but I think these ones are pretty good.  They only have three ingredients so they are kind of like shredded wheat cereal (but with way more oil probably). 

Now that E is in Grade 1, he has a lot more options for extra-curricular activities.  First up is the cross country running team.  He has signed up and will be training three times a week until his first meet on October 5.   His grade just runs a 1 km race and they don't have the opportunity to move on to compete in further races, but I think it is a great experience and I'm so glad he's into it. 
This is us during a 1K we did earlier in the summer.

Check out the weather for where we are going this weekend!  So excited!

Now that fall is here, Q won't be able to wear his sandals much longer, so we need to buy him some new outdoor shoes.  We saved most of E's shoes, but Q doesn't quite fit into them yet.  I found these ones from The Gap that I like. 

And a friend of mine from my workout class had these for her daughter (in pink), and I like them but I since they have soft soles, I don't think they will work for daycare, but at $10, you can't beat the price!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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