Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend recap starts on Thursday when Dave and I went to see E's first cross country track meet.  We dropped him off at school at the usual time so he could take the bus with the other kids, then we met him at Centennial Park.  There were multiple public schools there with the grade one girls starting off the day, followed by the grade one boys.  For the first couple of years this is their only race, but once they get to grade 3 they get the chance to move on to compete against other schools.

Getting a pep talk from the gym teacher.

Here he comes (in the blue)

He ended up in about the top ten or top fifteen.

On Friday my mom flew in for a visit.  Since there was no school E stayed home with her.  They went for a walk down the Humber River to see the fish jumping and to collect some leaves.

I was later leaving work than I meant to so instead of making the calzones I had planned on, we ordered jerk chicken from our favourite Jamaican place.  After the kids went to bed, we watched a movie.  
The next morning Dave made french toast and then everyone sat at the counter to do puzzles (Q was already back in bed for his nap by this time).

Then we got our puzzle out.  It's 1000 pieces but we're making good progress so far.  

Dave did a bunch of organizing in the basement and we threw out a few things.  When Q woke up we did some errands down the street and then had lunch (leftover jerk chicken). We had a pretty easy afternoon of reading, doing the puzzle, and watching TV.  We made the calzones for supper on this night. 

Q opened some birthday gifts from my aunt and cousin.

We played some baseball out back.

Q all ready for bed in his new pumpkin pyjamas. 

The next morning Dave went for a long run, and the rest of us headed to church. We were early so E could practice lighting the candle and saying "The light of Christ" into the microphone and he also practiced the song the kids were singing.   We had some time to kill before the service

When we got home from church we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and Q had a quick nap.  Then we got in the car to head to my cousins' for Thanksgiving dinner. 

We stopped at the graveyard to visit my grandparents' and great grandparents' graves.  We brought some mums with us too.  

Q's middle name is George, named after my grandmother's father.

E's middle name is Douglas, named after my grandfather.

Then we went to my cousins' place. E and I hopped in the Gator as soon as we got there for a little ride. 

Q was just happy to be there

A beautiful afternoon on the deck, too bad the pool was closed! 

Then mom went in the Gator with E and Jean (and the dog Jake).

There they go!

Q went with Ryan to get a couple of more drinks from his house

Then E got to drive (with Jean on the gas and brake pedals)

Not a bad view!  We had a lovely meal and it was so nice to be with everyone!

On Monday morning my mom went to meet one of her oldest friends for a walk and lunch in High Park.  I drove her down and then picked up some milk and bread.  When Q woke up we went for a little walk by the river.  The water was high and faster than it has been all week and we saw a few salmon make the jump over the waterfall.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing, with some reading, Fixer Upper, a movie for Dave and E at the theatre, and some baseball in the backyard.

So thankful for all of the blessings we enjoyed this weekend and everyday!

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