Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty crazy weekend but it was fun!  On Friday I was out of office for the entire day so I was able to walk up and pick up E and Q from school.  We played for a bit at the school, it was such a nice afternoon!  Q loving the new turf field.

Then we walked over to Queen Margherita Pizza for E's birthday supper.  He posed for a few photos before Dave and his parents showed up to meet us.

We decided to open family presents on Friday night even though E's birthday was on Saturday because we knew Saturday would be busy with his party.

The next morning I made pancakes for breakfast, and made E's extra special with whipped cream and sprinkles.  

Dave went out to pick up the balloons and cake and I started getting things organized for the party.  We like to have our parties at home and we try to keep things fairly simple.  This year E invited about 17 kids but we ended up with 12 total after a few people had to cancel.  The them was Superheroes/Avengers.  Kids were invited to wear a costume.  We planned for a craft, a few games, pizza and cake, free time to play, and gift opening. 

The craft all set up, it was a design your own mask.  I found some plain white masks from Michael's and then supplied foam stickers, pompoms, glitter pens, and regular markers.  

Pin the star on the Captain America shield

Our favours were bags of Super Kid popcorn from Kernels with a helium balloon.

My mom and I had made these comic book signs

Q dressed in his Batman onesie to keep with the theme

Kids working on their masks

Cake from the Superstore.

A few of the kids posing with their costumes.  Some of the others were downstairs playing hockey.

Opening presents.  

Monkeys dancing in the window 

The party was so much fun!! It was loud and chaotic but I loved it.  We won't have these moments of little kids in our house forever, so I will enjoy it while we can.  I only had to yell a couple of times ("stay downstairs, there is a baby sleeping upstairs!" and "stop slamming the door!!") but the kids were all very good and I think they enjoyed themselves.  We were sorry to miss the ones that were sick and otherwise busy.

Although it would have been great to rest for the rest of the day, instead I took a walk up the street to get a few vegetables, and then Q and I played in the backyard before I made supper.

On Sunday morning Dave and his dad headed out for the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon.  Dave's dad did the half marathon and Dave was attempting his first full marathon.  
Looking ready!

I drove them down for the start.  Then the rest of us took the subway down to meet them at the finish line.  We waited at Richmond and Bay and arrived about 10 minutes before Dave's dad ran by so good timing!  We made signs.  Although my sign is sincere it is also a reference to this Seinfeld scene. I also reused some of the stars from the birthday party.

Then we walked over to Nathan Phillips Square to meet him, and then waited around for a little while for Dave. 

Dave's time was 3:55 which is pretty impressive for a first full marathon, and Dave's dad ran his half in 1:49.   What a great day!!

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