Thursday, October 19, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday E!!

E's sixth birthday is on Saturday.  When I think about how time passes I always think it seems like forever ago that he was born, but also that it seems like yesterday that he was a baby.  I think especially because we have Q around now, I am more appreciative of everything that E does because I know everything changes so quickly.  I don't get too upset if he calls me back upstairs to snuggle with him before falls asleep, or if he asks to sleep in our bed.  I know he won't do it forever so I will take the snuggles when I can.

He is a happy boy, he takes everything with a grain of salt, and doesn't get upset about too much.  He will wake up with a smile and singing a song as he comes out of his room.  He is enthusiastic about everything he does and takes on the world full of energy.  He's a joker too, just like someone else I know (ahem, Dave) and loves to be silly.

He wants to do everything and travel everywhere.  This past year he lost a couple of teeth, really improved his skiing and biking, signed up for the cross country team, chess club, and the environment club.  He is still a little forgetful (we're down a snack container, water bottle and toque so far this year) but is really getting more independent.

He loves his little brother Q so very much.  He is always ready to help out and make Q smile.  The only problem with this is that he gets up in Q's face sometimes which Q does not appreciate, but he's starting to stick up for himself so it will be fun to see how this brother relationship develops.

He is our sweet, kind boy who cares deeply for others.  He pays attention to what is going on and does not like when anyone is upset.  I pray for his dear little heart that he doesn't get taken advantage of too much.

We will celebrate with dinner out on Friday night and then his friends are coming for a party on Saturday.  Pizza and a store bought cake are on the menu!

Tried an oyster last Christmas like a pro.

As I've done for the past couple of years, I asked him a few questions to update his favourites:

Favourite Colour

Favourite Stuffed Animal
Cuddly Pal

Favourite Thing to Sleep With
Cuddly Pal of course!

Favourite Fruit
Mango (that he whispered to me for some reason)

Favourite Thing to Eat for Breakfast

Favourite Thing to Eat for Lunch 

Favourite Thing to Eat for Supper
A rotten egg (see I told you he was a joker), no, let me think...what about Queen Margherita Pizza?

Favourite Dessert
Apple pie, or just pie

Favourite Drink
Apple Juice (not sure about this answer, we never have juice, and even when we go out to eat he asks for milk, maybe chocolate milk, but not juice)

Favourite Animal
You could guess (then gets on the floor and crawls around) - GRRRR, TIGERRRRR!

Favourite Book
Star Wars.
Which one? The five minute story one?
No, it is another one
(But he didn't qualify so we moved on.)

Favourite Song
Oh Beautiful Gaia.  (This is a total suck up answer, it was the song the children's choir sang at church on Sunday)

Favourite Game
Star Wars tag.
How do you play that?
You just have to hold a light sabre and touch them and then they are it
(Yup, that sounds like Star Wars tag to me)

Favourite Sport
Volleyball (also while acting it out)

Favourite TV Show
Let's just say for now, Paw Patrol!

Favourite Movie
Star Wars with the Ewoks (Dave will be so's all happening!)

Favourite Thing to do Outside
Play soccer

Best Friend
That's a tough one to pick,  I will say Wes, because he lives down the street!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
We don't know yet...what did I saw last year? 
Farmer, Cropduster, Crosswalker, Architect 
Okay I'll be an architect 

Anything else to share?
What about...favourite birthday? Let's just say Star Wars. Favourite kind of pie? Pumpkin, but I like both.

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  1. Lol ta his answers to the questions! What a big, kind, sweet, fun kid. Happy birthday, little one!

  2. What a sweet boy! Happy 6th Birthday to E! 💖

  3. have a great birthday E ,he is such a sweetie , love to see him and Q in cape breton next summer