Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favourites

We had a busy week and it was all good stuff.

First Q and I got our flu shots on Monday.  I am always appreciative of our access to free health care and also how quickly we can get in to see our family doctor.  I know others aren't so lucky so I am grateful.  I'm a bit of a wuss when I need to get a shot, but it didn't hurt that much and I even exercised that night and was fine. (And Q only cried for a minute.)

So because Q and I went to the doctor it meant we got to pick up E at school that day.  Q tried out the play structure and then helped himself to a snack before we left.

I also got my poppy this week.  My building conveniently sets up a booth for the legion to sell poppies to those people coming off the subway into the PATH.  

And now onto our Halloween festivities. We I carved four pumpkins this year.  Two were inspired by the kids' costumes, I saw the owl on Pinterest, and then E requested a pumpkin eating another pumpkin.  I always have fun doing this.

I made French toast for breakfast on Halloween morning and cut a jack o' lantern face into them.  Simple and fun!

I snapped these photos before the kids went to school.  

I managed to get one of E with our neighbour who was also Harry Potter, but Q took off before I could get a pic of him and his Hulk pumpkin.  

Phew, October was a long month.  I'm ready for November, the lull before the Christmas excitement. 


  1. Those carved pumpkins are fabulous! Well done, Sarah. Great idea with the wee pumpkin being eaten by the big one. And I really like the owl. The boys look so good in their costumes. Happy November 1st!

  2. Happy November!! Love all the pumpkins... you are awesome, lady!! We do one as a family of four LOL>

  3. Your pumpkins turned out great!