Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today's theme is Let's Look at our entertaining ideas.

I'm splitting this into two parts.  First the entertainment itself - have a party, invite people to do something, etc.

Family Drop-in
This is a big undertaking, but it is a lot of fun, and you can make it as complicated or simple as you want. We supply finger foods, sweets, and drinks, and open our house to friends and neighbours for an afternoon in December.  At first it was a good way to introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood and now it has become a great tradition.  You can check out last year's party here.

Catch up Lunch
We are all busy but I love catching up with a friend for lunch during the week.  We basically have a set amount of time since we have to get back to work but it's a good opportunity to get together, and it's still okay to have a glass of wine ;)

Easy lunch/supper
This is best if you just invite one or two other families over, otherwise it can get too complicated and you don't really get to visit with your guests.  I like to keep the menu simple and make a lasagna or chili, or even order pizza.  It's about the company, not really the food (okay, it's a little bit about the food).

And the second part are tips for hosting those events:

Frozen Appetizers
I love M and M Meats for the holidays.  I always pick up things for our party but it also helps to have something extra in case someone stops by.  

Cheese Boards
You can rarely go wrong with a cheese board, and you can even make them vegan and gluten free if you need to suit them to your own needs.  My favourites are brie, smoked gouda, Boursin, crunchy crackers, turkey kielbasa, olives, nuts, and figs.  But I've done hummus, bean dip, dairy free cheese, and veggies, so many combinations will work, and most people can find what they like on the board. 

Stock up in advance
There are some things that you can start stock piling now - liquor, wine, and boxes of chocolates or cookies.  There is never any shortage of these things at the store, but if you get it ahead of time then you don't need to rush out at the last minute. 

And if you're the guest, always a good idea to bring a little gift like wine, napkins, coasters, or flowers.  

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