Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Weekend Recap

 On Friday night we headed out to the pub night fundraiser put on by E's school.  It was at the High Park Brewery so we enjoyed a few of their beers, and hung out with a few friends. 

Q was up early on Saturday morning but I got him to go back to sleep for a little bit and then we watched the new Netflix Christmas movie, Klaus.  Then I took the kids out to Mastermind to pick up a birthday gift and then we dropped Q off at Sportball.  My plan was to take E to Costco and Dave would pick up Q, but E started to not feel well so I took him home and took Q with me instead.   It was lunchtime so we stopped in at McDonalds for lunch. 

Costco was insane but we got what we needed and got out there.  We needed to stop in at Sobeys and Q wasn't into another stop so I bribed him with promises of a donut from the in-store Tim Hortons.  He was pretty excited.  Plus I got a coffee so we were all happy.

When we got home, E was feeling better, so he made some banana bread, with only a little help from me. 

We watched another Christmas movie, The Christmas Chronicles, after supper down in the new basement (but since it's not 100% done, you don't get to see it yet!).

On Sunday morning I got our pot roast into the slow cooker for our dinner guests coming that night.  I used this recipe and it turned out so well!  Dave and E went to a birthday party at Joyride 150.  This is what it looked like.  They had a good time, despite a little road rash. 

While they were gone Q and I went to church and when we got home I cleaned the entire house.  Good to have guests over, it forces me to clean!

To go with our pot roast, we had roasted potatoes, green beans, and garlic toast.  And one of our guests brought a green salad.  It was all so delicious!  The kids had a great time running around, and the adults even got a game of euchre in!

Good times on a Sunday night.  However the wine made for a rough Monday, oops ;)

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