Thursday, November 21, 2019

Prayers on Thursday

With the holiday season approaching I wanted to do another edition of Prayers on Thursday.  Today and throughout the next few weeks, I will keeping these people in my prayers:

People who are spending Christmas without their loved ones, either because they can't make it to them, or because someone has died.  And not just those people who are spending the first Christmas without someone, but those who have missed many Christmases with them. It doesn't get any easier.

People who feel anxious and stressed about Christmas, for whatever reason.

People who are trying to make the best of it even if their heart isn't entirely in it.

Retail, warehouse, and delivery people - they work hard and don't get a lot of credit.

Parents who want to buy all of the things for their kids but can't afford it.

And also parents who think they need to buy all of the things, but really the kids only want time.

I also pray that people who celebrate Christmas take some time to think about the reason why we celebrate this holiday.  Maybe that will give them some comfort and relief.

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