Friday, April 14, 2023

Friday Favourites

Friday! Yay!

Check out this sweet potato that we got with our grocery order last week.  I had to take a photo next to my head so you could see the scale.  I'm not holding it out, it's right by my ear.  I managed to cut it up to make sweet potato fries, but it was a pretty ridiculous size!

I volunteered at the school for pizza day this week.  The kids love when I come in and I like seeing them and their friends and some of the other parents who are also volunteering.

The Blue Jays finally had their Home Opener this week, delayed a bit because work was being finished up on the stadium renovations.  We didn't go to Opening Night on Tuesday but we did get last minute tickets for Wednesday's game.  The temperatures were in the high 20s (in April!) so the roof was open and as soon as I found that out I wanted to go. This is a great thing about living where we do, it's so easy to get down to the game, even if it's a last minute decision.

Checking out some cool new features on the 500 level.  Free arcade games!

Hot dogs for dinner.  I tried to get a poutine dog but they were out at the stand we stopped at, next time!

We haven't sat up in the 500 level for awhile, but I like it up there!

We did not need jackets :)

After the 6th inning we went over to Park Social and the Rooftop Patio parts of the stadium.

Video games at the ballpark?! Sure!

We actually watched the game.

Rally caps worked!  Jays won in the 10th.

One of my favourite things from my Easter basket this week was the Kit Kat eggs. Did you have those ones? So addictive!

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I'm travelling for work next week but will have some posts up!

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  1. I am reading this and you said 20 degrees, my mind automatically omg that is freezing than remember your in Canada. That sweet potato is huge

  2. That is one big sweet potato! I used to love volunteering at my kids school and joining them as a chaperone on school excursions. Fun times! I got a bag of those Kit Kat eggs too. I agree, they are totally addictive!

  3. Oh wow! I have never seen a sweet potato that size! What a great find!
    The pizza day at school sounds like a lot of fun.
    Ohh! I love those KitKat eggs, they are such a yummy treat.

  4. That sweet potato is gigantic! I have not seen those kit kat eggs but i can see how they'd be addicting; I love kit kats!

  5. How fun that you got to go to a game! I love baseball games-- such a great family activity to do together!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess