Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Let's Look - Pet Peeves

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look.  The topic this month is Pet Peeves.  Incidentally, the link up that I co-host is doing pet peeves next month (great minds!) so I've decided this post will be work related pet peeves and the rest of my pet peeves will be saved for next month. Luckily a lot of things annoy me so I have lots of content!!

I work in a traditional corporate office setting - lots of emails, Teams meetings, Powerpoint presentations, etc. A few things that irk me throughout my work day:

When someone internal phones me but then doesn't leave a voicemail or send a quick message that tells me what they wanted.  It helps to know the urgency of their call and if I should get back to them right away or if they just needed me to send them a document.

Reading the slide in a presentation. I'd prefer the presenter to expand on the points on the slide rather than just reading what I can read for myself. 

People that stand right at the subway door or elevator and don't let the exiting passengers off before trying to squeeze in. 

Taking a photo of the restaurant bill for expenses while you're still sitting at the table. Dave and I are divided on this point.  He thinks it's better to take the photo of the receipt immediately after paying while you're still sitting at the table.  Then you don't forget or lose the receipt.  I think it's rude because even though we all know that the meal is being expensed, the host doesn't need to make it so obvious and transactional. I think it's just better manners to deal with the receipt afterwards.

People that send me a Teams message that just says "Good morning" and then write nothing else until I've responded with "hi" or "good morning". This is a Latin American thing I believe, they want to exchange pleasantries and I just want to get to the point. 

When people capitalize terms that aren't defined terms. Any good lawyer knows that when a non-proper noun term is capitalized it means it has been assigned a meaning.  You can't just go around capitalizing non-defined terms because you think they are special.

Grammar mistakes in formal letters. Sure, mistakes happen in emails or in regular conversation (although only slightly more forgivable) but someone should proofread the formal letter before it gets sent out.


  1. I don't get why people stand in front of elevators and train doors like that. Do they think they are going to get on faster by blocking the exiting passengers. It doesn't make sense and its so annoying!

  2. Gosh gosh gosh yes... The capitalization of non-cap terms drives me nuts. For some reason Realtor is a big one. Why? I've seen it capitalized in lots of contexts where it is not used as a legal term (this happens in fiction a lot). Just, why? Lawyer, teacher, pharmacist - none capitalized in those contexts, but somehow realtor is? Drives me nuts. I also read a book lately written by a bestselling author and published by a large publishing house. Three times in two pages, a reference was made to an injury on a person's heel, but it was only spelled correctly once out of those three times. The other two times it was written as 'heal'. Not only internally inconsistent, but this was a prolific author and a reputable publishing house - really? Haha. I'm grumpy. But, honestly, do better!

  3. I have never worked in a corporate setting but all of these would drive me nuts also.
    My ex-father in law use to own a race team. Anytime we were out to eat he would bring up something about racing then say "we talked about the race team I can use this as an expense" it drove me nuts