Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Just a few photos to cover our weekend.

On Friday morning I took my breakfast outside to enjoy the sunshine.

We had sausages and grilled vegetables for supper.  I love summer weather in April!

We watched the Jays game and then went to our neighbours' for a fire.

On Saturday I had to get up early to go for a follow up MRI from the procedure I had in January.  It was all routine and I was in and out very quickly.  Then I did a few things around the yard while Dave worked on the car.  Our 2009 Santa Fe has been having a few issues and it's a bit of a DIY project now. 

I had though Q had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon but it turned out to be Sunday.  So instead we had a free day ahead of us (E and Dave went to the driving range with one of E's friends).

We first went to the card store and Q bought some Pokemon cards.  And then I said we would take the bus up to get some treats. 

We stopped in at the Golden Gecko, that was celebrating their 6th birthday, so we got a few things to eat, including free birthday cake. 

After that we went to the school where Q found some friends to play with and then we took the bus home. E and Dave were just getting back so then we made the ice cream we were planning to make.   This is the ice cream maker ball they rolled back and forth. 

On Sunday we:
- worked out 
- went to church
- took Q to the birthday party
- bought some things at Nordstrom
- got a pizza at the mall foodcourt
- took the car apart
- packed a suitcase for my trip 
- had leftovers for supper

No photos :)

This is one of our last weekends without summer sports taking over, so we enjoyed just puttering around.


  1. hi. are fires allowed in backyards in toronto? i thought they weren't.

  2. What a great weekend! I loved following along. My kids love the food court at the mall--it's a big deal when we eat there. When they were little, in the summer, that would always be on our " to do" list. haha

  3. What a lovely weekend. My oldest son has been collecting Pokemon cards since he was 5. He's turning 30 this year and he is still collecting! Hope all is ok with the MRI. I know you mentioned it's routine but medical things are no fun and they always give me severe anxiety.