Monday, April 10, 2023

Not Just a Mom - Cleaning Hacks

Hi! Welcome to our monthly link up series for April.  My co-hosts are: AdrienneDaraJenJoanne, and Lauren. Check out their posts and others linked up below.

This month we are sharing our Favourite Cleaning Hacks.

Invite people over.  This is the motivation I need to tidy up the main floor and clean the bathrooms.
Clean as you go.  We always have a sink full of hot soapy water when we are cooking so dishes aren't piled up at the end of the meal.

Get a cordless vacuum. We have the Dyson stick that we can easily whip around the kitchen and eating area. I guess because it's cordless it just seems so easier to use than the regular vac.

Follow Go Clean Co. on Instagram (@gocleanco). Sarah (from Canada!) has great tips for cleaning all sorts of things.  I often consult her saved stories to tackle something at our house.  She is a big proponent of powdered Tide and I use it for a bunch of things now.

Join us next month when we talk about our Pet Peeves, I'm already started a list :)


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  1. Great hacks! I love the Dyson stick and use it all the time. Our place is small so I can get the whole house done really fast. I'll have to check out the Instagram account it sounds good!

  2. Invite people over made me laugh. So true. I have a plug vacuum but it's small and easy to move around, so that is definitely a help!

  3. Invite people over is so true!! Our house is never cleaner than when we have company coming over haha!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  4. Yes! I find I am most motivated to clean when we have people coming over too.

  5. Invite people over did make me chuckle but it's true! I do my best cleaning when I know I have people visiting. lol

  6. Love your first tip! That has always been the best motivator for me too! In fact, there were a lot of times when I'd be on a cleaning jag and the kids would react with, "Why are you cleaning up? Are we having company?" bwaa haaa haa!!!

  7. Inviting people over is a good one! I'm always motivated to tidy up and clean if I know someone is coming over.

  8. A cordless vacuum is on my wish list. I need to get out that instagram account.