Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Weekend Recap

I don't know how you felt but I could not wait for Friday to arrive last week! 
We ordered some food from Queen Margherita Pizza and it arrived shortly after we got home from skating.  I said, "let's take a photo of everyone who's glad it's Friday!" and only Q wanted to be in the photo.  We ate our supper downstairs and watched The Mandalorian and The Magician's Elephant on Netflix.

I got up early on Saturday morning to get a workout in. I did a bike ride with some classic '60s tunes and then did Tunde's Bodyweight Class.  This class, like all of her classes, was no joke!! I was dead at the end.

Dave and I walked up the street to meet with E's tutor for an update, and then picked up a few things...
including these cinnamon buns that the kids were happy to see.

We sent the kids outside for a bit and one of the neighbours came over.  This is them trying to do the Macarena.

After that we went to the church for a Easter egg painting activity.

We had sausages for supper and then decided to have a fire.  It wasn't as warm as it had been during the day, but we wanted to burn up some of the stray branches we had around, including our Christmas tree from 2021!

It was a success. 

We put the kids to bed and somehow I stayed awake to watch The Whale with Dave.  

On Sunday, we set our alarms so we could watch the F1 race (recorded), it was a very exciting race!  Then the boys and I went to church.  I was playing bells and we had a practice before the service.

After church Q had a birthday party and the rest of us went to Modern Golf to use the golf simulators. Dave has been going all winter, usually taking the boys, but this was the first time I was there.  It was fun!

And if the day wasn't filled with enough activities, E and I were heading to the Leafs game, guests of the law firm who does some my company's external work.  Seats were awesome, 4 rows back from the ice to the left of the net.

First Leafs game for E, and I bought him a hat.

There goes my favourite player, Morgan Reilly.

I am not a very good Toronto resident as I have not been keeping up with the Leafs' season, so I was pleased to see hear they have been having a great year and will be in the playoffs.  We'll be watching!

It was a late night for E and me, and Monday morning came early, but I wouldn't have sat out any of our activities.

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  1. Haha! I love the pics of the boys doing the Macarena! That fire looks great and the Christmas tree from 2021 must have made good fuel for the fire. I have never been to an ice hockey game and it's something that I have always wanted to do. Ice hockey is not very big over here but I know that there are some people from my church who have kids who play. So I will have to ask about going along to a game.