Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Questions I Get

You know how those really popular Instagram influences do a story where they pop in the question box with the request "AMA!!" (ask me anything)? Well, I am not popular enough to have floods of questions if I was to do that, but I have noticed that I've gotten a few different questions from blog comments or in person that I thought would make a good topic for today's post.  So here are a few things you have been wondering:

When do you have time to write your blog?

I just fit it in when I can.  I have a sense of what I'm going to write about the month before, so I can set up the posts on a Sunday for the week.  Then I fill in the blanks whenever I have time.  I am usually finishing it up the night before it goes live, although ideally I like to get them done a couple of days in advance. Most posts don't really take that long so even a few minutes while I take a break at work during the day helps a lot. 

What do you make for dinner?

Some recurring meals at our house - tacos, baked salmon and roasted sweet potato, macaroni and cheese (with some variations), salad bowls (with a chicken or quinoa base, greens, and roasted veg), red lentil curry, grilled or baked chicken, quiche, and homemade pizza.  

How do you get out of the house so early for skiing?

We do a lot of prep the night before - skis and poles in the roof box, outerwear and ski boots packed up, base layers laid out for the morning, and lunch packed.  In the morning we just need to make breakfast (always egg sandwiches that we wrap up and eat in the car), coffee, boiling water for the thermos, and put our bags in the car.  We get the kids up about 15 minutes before we want to leave and they just get dressed, put their snow pants on, and get in the car.  

Who is your favourite Peloton instructor?

I have different favourites depending on what I am feeling - Alex or Tunde if I want my butt kicked, Cody or Robin if I'm looking for a good playlist, Ben or Denis if I want a good ride but with a more laid back vibe.  For strength workouts I like Adrian and Jess Sims. 

Would you ever move back to Nova Scotia?

No, I don't think so.  We really like living in Toronto and although Nova Scotia is beautiful and is a wonderful place to visit, we don't see ourselves living there.  I am going to encourage my kids to go to university there so who knows, maybe we end up spending more time there in our retirement. 

Any other questions you have for me that I could use for a future post?


  1. I try write most of my blog posts ahead of time too and try to stay 1 week ahead but lately I've been slacking off on that. I wrote today's post at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. We make many of those same meals on repeat too.

  2. I usually write my blog posts during my lunch break at work and I can never seem to get ahead. So I usually finish them off in the evenings. I love how your kids can get ready for skiing so fast! We are just the worst morning people LOL.

  3. This was such a fun post to read! I wish I was popular enough to get some questions. haha
    I've become less of a planner with my blog posts and move things around, but, like you, I kind of just fill in the blanks when I have time...and then set to post the night before.