Thursday, April 6, 2023

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Weekend!  Easter is my favourite holiday. Christ is risen, risen indeed! (or will be on Sunday). Spring is here (or on its way).  We get to enjoy special food and special church services.  Christmas is great, but I prefer Easter since it has fewer obligations, but all of the miracles. 

If you are local and want a traditional Easter service, please join us at Royal York Road United Church.  We will have a Good Friday Service and an Easter Sunday Service.  And we also have a YouTube channel if you'd like to join via the livestream.

If you celebrate Easter with Jesus or with the Easter Bunny (or both), I am sending along Easter greetings to you.  And if you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you'll be having a great weekend! :)

I'll be back on Monday with our Not Just a Mom Link Up.  So don't forget to blog about our topic and link up with us then!  We will be posting about our Favourite Cleaning Hacks.