Thursday, July 27, 2023

Monthly Musings


1. Favourite Summer Outfit?
Zella shorts and Athleta tank top.

2. Favourite Summer Footwear? 

3. What Summer Accessories are you wearing on repeat?
These clay earrings.

4. What do you use for a summer bag?
I have a lululemon belt bag that I probably use too much.  If I'm slightly dressed up I do take along a larger leather bag from Matt and Nat.

5. What summer scents are you wearing?
I am enjoying English Pear and Freesia from Jo Malone.

6. Maxi Dress? Romper? Jumpsuit?
Maxi Dress. I got a pretty green one in the spring that I have worn a few times. 

7. Favourite Summer Sunglasses?

8. Favourite Summer PJs?
I got these two sets last year from a local boutique, they are nice and cool.  I like to wear shorts and a tank top, and I wear that all year round, not just in summer. 

9. Do you wear white after Labour Day?
I don't wear a lot of white anyway so if I stop wearing it after Labour Day, it's not a conscious choice.

10.  Favourite summer fashion trend right now?
I googled "2023 summer fashion trends" but didn't see anything that stuck out other than the bright pink that everyone is wearing for the Barbie movie, I love that! I haven't seen the movie and it's unlikely I will dress up for it, but I love that others are!

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  1. Oh I am a BIG fan of Jo Malone perfumes too! Just discovered them this year :)

  2. I can't see myself dressing up to go to a movie either or sporting the hot pink much but I am loving it on everyone else! LOL. I tend to wear long pants and a tank top to bed year round but did just order a set with shorts to see if I like those.

  3. Those clay earrings are really cool! Thanks for joining us this month.


  4. I'v had my eye on the Lululemon belt bag for a while, can't decide on what colour to get. I'm curious about wearing white after Labour Day. I shall have to google it!

    1. It's an old fashioned "rule". You weren't supposed to wear white before Memorial Day or after Labour Day since it was a "summer colour" only, so a faux pas to wear it in the other seasons. It's like something my grandmother would have cared about, but we don't usually pay attention to it now.