Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Weekend Recap

On Friday I had lunch with my friend Megan, nice to enjoy some rose on that hot day.

Dave and I met up with some friends for dinner that night in the Junction but I didn't get any photos. We had drinks at Famous Last Words (a bar with drinks named after books) and then dinner at Hole in the Wall. 

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to go and pick up Q from camp.  He was excited to see us and show us around a bit.  We went to the camp store to use up the rest of his account (they have money preloaded on their bracelets so they can tap at the store throughout the week).  Candy and pop at 10:00 in the morning?! Sure!

Then we popped over to see E, who would be staying for another week.  We met his counsellor and saw his bunk.

Cheers to a great week!!!

To break up the drive a little bit, we stopped in at Clear Lake Brewing Co. for lunch.  We went here in 2021 when we picked up E from camp the first time. I recall it being one of the first places we went in the pandemic and we heard live music for the first time in awhile.  It was still a great place to get something to eat and drink, although I didn't feel emotional like last time!

Q played on the playground.
We enjoyed our meals and picked up a six-pack to take home with us.

We arrived home mid-afternoon, I picked up some groceries, started the camp laundry, watched the F1 Quali, and had a pretty early night.

I did an Adrian Williams Full Body Peloton Workout on Sunday morning, he said we would need all of the weights, and that was accurate. I used all of them. A great workout!

The forecast had rain in it (although it never did rain) so we went out early to play some baseball.  Q has a t-ball game tonight so we wanted him to get some practice in.

We biked along the water and then up to the school yard.

We stopped by Golden Gecko for a treat/early lunch on our way home.  Then we watched the Silverstone F1 race, and Q played some video games. 

Around 4:00 we headed to the golf course for supper and 9 holes.

Q is a good little golfer!  He claims he beat me, and although my score wasn't very impressive, I do question Q's counting skills ;)  But we'll let it go, he's motivated and wants to do well. 

E kicked off his second week of camp, and we got this photo of him yesterday.  Not sure what this is all about!

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  1. It looks like E is having the best time! I remember feeling so excited about going to the pub and listening to live music after the pandemic. The first song the band played was that 500 miles song by The Proclaimers which I couldn't stand. After being cooped up inside for so long we were just itching to get up and dance, so we went crazy on the dance floor. And now that song is one of my favourites!