Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Let's Look - Favourite Summer Finds

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look. The topic for this month is New Favourite Summer Finds.

Since this is kind of a random selection, I will organize them into categories:

To Eat - Uncle Ben's Bistro Express rice.  We are currently living in our basement and have a makeshift kitchen.  I found this microwave rice that can be cooked in the bag, with no added water, in 2 minutes! I was amazed, and it's pretty good rice.  

To Drink - The Beach rose by Whispering Angel, affordable and dry.

To Wear - Goodr sunglasses, I have a few pairs but my favourite are the white ones.  And these clay earrings from a local boutique.

To Watch - And Just Like That.  I'm late to this party but we have Crave now so I finally get to see it.  


  1. Goodrs are on my list too! I love And Just Like That and need to start season 2.
    Sarah @ Sunshine & Books

  2. I need to try that rice. I always seem to undercook regular rice.

  3. The Rosé sounds great and perfect for summer days, yum! I'm super late to the party because I have never watched Sex and the City.