Monday, June 26, 2023

Home Sweet Home (in the basement)

 Welcome to our new abode, our basement. We moved down here last weekend while our house renovations got started. We are quite comfortable down here, although it has only been a week and for most of that week Dave was away, so it was just three of us in the space. Check back with me in August and I'll let you know if we still feel the same way.  

We decided to remain in our house instead of rent something else.  There were a few reasons for this, first it's difficult to find a short term lease and we don't need to be out for an entire year, just four to six months (knock on wood). Given our timeline, a whole house rental would be very expensive, so when you look at a two bedroom condo, the square footage is less than what our basement would be.  The bonus is that we are on site to monitor the progress and will be here if there are any issues. 

So come on down!

Food on the left, and a selection of dishes and other items.  We were able to leave everything else we didn't need in our actual kitchen as it's not part of the renovation.

This is Q's bookshelf with some appliances and cooking items.

The area under the stairs needs a bit of work, right now it just has baskets filled with hats and bags and there is no rhyme or reason to it. Some shoes are in the house but we put most of them (like rubber boots and sports shoes) out in the garage on our shoe rack.

Our guest room is now our bedroom. We brought our mattress down to put on top of the box spring down here and took the guest mattress out to storage.  The tall brown dresser came from upstairs, but the shorter brown dresser was already here. 

We have never had a TV in our room but we moved one down here. It's like being at a hotel!

Our dining room table was difficult to get down here, even with the legs removed, but it was worth it. Not only is it a place to eat, it's also a place to prepare food, and work.

I was working at Dave's desk this week while he was away. The cabinets on the left were already here and used to be all full of toys and topped with Lego kits.  I don't love using paper plates but we had a bunch leftover from the party we had a few weeks ago so occasionally I do use the paper plates or put something on a napkin instead of a real plate. 

Now they have dish linens, plastic containers, plastic wrap/tinfoil/bags above, and food storage in the middle drawers below.  There are still art supplies and toys in the other drawers.

Welcome to the dormitory. The boys love having their beds down here, on the first night Q could not believe he was watching TV in his bed! We just had to move the couch up closer to the TV, and slid the Peloton into a new space. Note the dehumidifier, it's a bit more humid down here than I have ever really noticed before.  

The boys share this dresser, and our beer/wine fridge now has regular food in it. 

That door is our storage room where we added a few more boxes.

We have a nice big bathroom down here, not many changes here, just looks lived in now.

This area still needs work too.  The dresser was in our bathroom upstairs and it fit perfectly down here. I think we can find homes for everything on the floor, I just haven't been able to do it before I wanted to do this post.

We can also cook on our BBQ and eat at the table in the backyard.  


  1. I like your basement I think it looks great and has everything that you need. Your boys are probably enjoying the novelty. Fingers crossed that all your renovations go to plan and there are no delays.

  2. This looks great! I know the boys are loving having that tv in "their room"!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  3. You have quite the set up! I think I would prefer this too as opposed to renting. Your basement has some good light too which hopefully makes it feel like less of a basement. I love the bathroom!