Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Weekend Recap

 Friday night pizza looks a bit different down here in the basement.  We made pizzas on flatbread and grilled them in the BBQ.  Q did most of the prep work.

On Saturday morning, I got an email that Q's ball hockey game was postponed due to the expected rain so we didn't need to go anywhere before noon. Everyone piled in my bed with their screens and we watched a movie.  It was nice to do nothing.

Then I sort of tidied up and took a few photos for yesterday's post

The weather was actually pretty good so the pool party we were attending was still on.  The host and attendees were from Sunday School. 

Hot dogs, cheezies, watermelon, and ice cream, best kind of pool party food.

I took the kids shopping after that to find sneakers for them.  After we went to Sport Chek, E requested a stop at the Apple Store.  They played a few games and I browsed at Pottery Barn across the way.

We made pizzas again for supper, preparing them outside, watched the Blue Jays game on my phone and talked to my mom.  

Q's ball hockey game was rescheduled to Sunday morning which meant we had to miss church, but it also meant we didn't have to leave the house right away.  We ate breakfast outside and then got ready for the day.

I took Q to ball hockey and E got himself to baseball by biking with a friend on the team.

Warming up for the big gold medal game.

Go Leafs Go!  They announced their names as they took to the surface.

Lining up to sing O Canada.

It was a hard-fought game with the Leafs taking the Silver Medal.  Q let in a few goals, but he wasn't too upset. He said the orange team was the best team in the league and they have never lost.

Happy with his medal.

It was so hot!! Each player got a ticket for a free hamburger or hot dog, so we got that, and then went over to watch the end of E's baseball game.

We all got sunburns, oops!

I kindly dropped the boys off at home and went by myself to get E some sneakers at a different Sport Chek (as the one at Sherway didn't have his size) and got him a few new things at Old Navy.  I also picked up a few groceries.
I saw this at the checkout, choices were made.
(It seems someone put down raisins to get candy instead.)

Meanwhile Dave had been in PEI golfing for the weekend on his annual tournament with his friends.  They have done this trip for many years, but the last 10 years have been in memory of our friend they grew up with and who used to attend those golf trips.  We miss Brad and I still shake my head when I think about how he is not here anymore. The boys always put together a bit of money and a bursary is awarded in Brad's name at their old high school each year.

Dave was the big winner this year, finally! He was in 3rd place going into the final day of play and then shot an excellent round on Sunday for the win! 

We picked him up at the airport, trophy and all!

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