Thursday, June 29, 2023

Monthly Musings


1. Favourite Vacation Destinations?
I love Europe. We haven't been across the pond for a few years now, for obvious reasons, but I'm hoping we can get there in 2024.

2. Best Packing Tips?
Put everything out that you think you'll need and then subtract three shirts, one dress or skirt, and one pair of pants/shorts. I always used to bring too much but I've really been trying to live by this rule of subtracting and I'm doing better. Plus you can usually wear something twice (!! I know!). But don't forget a sweater or jacket, even if you think it will be warm! I have gone on a few trips to a warm location or in the summer and it just isn't as warm as you think it will be.

3. Fly or Road Trip?
I prefer to fly if it makes sense.  We have done road trips and I wrote about how we do that here.

4. Favourite Vacation Memory as a Child?
We went to Cancun when I was in Grade 4.  We didn't do a lot of big trips, not like my kids seems to get to do, so it sticks out for sure.  I remember how pretty the view from our hotel room was, and that we played beach bingo and painted ceramics. 

5. Ocean, Lake, or Mountain?
Ocean every time!  I love being at the beach so much!

6. Campout or Indoor Grill?
I don't know why these are opposites, but I'll pick outdoor cooking and eating any day.

7. Favourite Summer Cocktail or Mocktail?
A good old Gin and Tonic is my go-to summer cocktail at home.  I like Bombay Sapphire Gin and Fever Tree Tonic, garnished with a lime.  When I'm out I like to order an Aperol Spritz

8. Most Amazing Travel Upgrade Story?
I can't say I've had many upgrades before.  I still remember when my Nana and I went to Winnipeg we got upgraded to first class and that was a highlight of my youth.  When Dave and I went to Hawaii we were given an apartment instead of just a hotel room, but we didn't really need the extra space and we were only there for two nights anyway. 

9. Ice Cream or Popsicle?
Can I have both? Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and a 3 flavour or root beer popsicle for me please!

10. Do you Camp?
Yes, we go car camping. We usually go two or three times a year. I wrote about how we camp here and how we cook for camping trips here.

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  1. I love the tip to take more than you originally pack. I need to remember that for my trip next week! So fun y'all go car camping too.

  2. We never went on big trips as kids either; if we left New England it was to see family. We try to rent units with washer/dryers either in our room or in the complex and then it's real easy to pack light. Even on our Disney vacations we'd pick a day middle of our trip to just hang out at the pool and do laundry.

  3. I love a gin and tonic all year round and Bombay Sapphire is my favourite! I had a chuckle about the upgrade to first class was the highlight of your youth. I'm pretty sure that our upgrade to first class with my mum was the highlight of my youth too. And probably the only time I will ever get to go in first class again.

  4. Big YES to a root beer popsicle. I have not had one of those in years. Thanks for joining us this month.

  5. Europe with our kids is definitely on our list...hopefully some day. I like your subtraction packing idea :) Mint chocolate chip is my fave too!

  6. Ooooh, I can't wait to follow along on your European adventure :) I LOVE Europe. It's so fun! And now I want a G&T!