Friday, June 23, 2023

Friday Favourites

We're into the final stretches of the school year!  I did a little recap of E and Q's school years this week - Grade 1 here, and Grade 6 here.  

On Sunday night we officially moved down to our basement while we undertake a significant renovation to our home.  Our top two floors are empty, and the storage bin is full. Our workers started this week so we'll see how it all goes. I'll give you a tour next week of our underground dwelling, I'm getting flashbacks to the basement apartments I lived in during university (cue Sarah Harmer).

Q had soccer on Monday, where Dave is the coach.  It was a pretty good game, and it was picture night.

On Tuesday I attended a conference for Women Leaders.  There were about 3000 attendees and we had some fabulous speakers including Hayley Wickenheiser and Lisa LaFlamme.

Like as if Hayley Wickenheiser wasn't cool enough to be a superstar hockey player with 4 Olympic Gold medals, 1 Olympic Silver Medal, and 7 World Championships, she is now a medical doctor and is assistant general manager for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a mom!! I love her so much.

During my lunch break from the conference I was just going to go to the Union Station Food Court but everywhere had long lines so instead I treated myself to a sit down meal at Union Chicken.  Not a very smart financial choice, but it did mean I was able to do a a bit of work while waiting for my food rather than just standing in line somewhere (plus I could order a glass of wine) so I'll count it as a win. Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the OG Chicken Sandwich here is exquisite, best in the city.

Last pizza day at the school for the year on Wednesday.  It was a privilege to volunteer for this a few times throughout the year.  I liked seeing the kids and their friends, getting to know some more parents, and contributing to the school. I always like to go for a little visit after we've given out the pizza.  I tried to take a photo of E's class, but no one was really looking.

A bit more attention paid by the Grade 1s!

After Q's tball on Wednesday we went over to watch the little league baseball games.  I love being at High Park with all of the people and activities. It is a gem in our city.

On Thursday it was the school's annual Party in the Playground. Fun was in abundance, along with the sugary treats.  Showers and good teeth brushing was in order when we got home.  It's always fun to see the other parents.

We're roaring into the end of June!

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  1. So many fun end of the school year activities!!

  2. Good luck with the renovations. The conference sounds very interesting and your food looks amazing! That is quite a impressive chicken sandwich.
    It looks like a lot of fun was had at the party in the playground.