Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Weekend Recap

 On Friday night we had our first dinner outside.

We watched the golf after supper, and since it was happening in LA, it was only until after 10:00 pm, so not much time to watch anything else. 

I did a workout in the morning and then got to work packing up our house. 

We all went to Q's hockey game.  It was the semi-final. 

They asked for a volunteer for goalie and Q wanted to do it. A bold movie to try out goalie for the first time for the semi-final game, but it worked out.

He made some great saves and the final score was 6-3 for the Leafs so they are off to the finals. The team all ran down to pile on their goalie (Q) at the end.  It was so cute. 

I moved over to the sunshine.

After hockey we dropped Dave off at the golf course for a tournament.  They had two nice meals and a beautiful day for golf.

I took E to his friend's house so he could go golfing.  Q went to a friends' house to play and I went back to packing/moving.  The kitchen looked the same as the photo above, even after hours of work, but I was making progress.  
Q played with a neighbour when he got home and I sat on their porch and had some rosé with the parents.  

It was Father's Day on Sunday so we had a few gifts and treats out for Dave. 

We skipped church so we could keep packing, but we did take a break to see the end of E's baseball game and have a beer at Henderson's Brewery.

They won!

Henderson is always fun to stop in at, and on this day they had a pop up smoked brisket sandwich.  mmm

We got home and kept working away.  This was our last major thing to do move our table down to the basement.  Dave took the metal legs off but the wooden top was still really heavy.  At first I wasn't sure I could do it, but I donned some shoes and gloves and used all of my muscles and we did manage to get it downstairs.  It was a family effort with E and Q helping to look an angles and putting down cardboard and blankets to protect the floor. 

We did accomplish everything we wanted to do on Sunday and were feeling pretty tired!  We ordered some pizza and then enjoyed the Father's Day treat I had picked up, Ernie's Icebox ice cream sandwiches.  I had Black Forest, Dave had Coconut Key Lime, E had S'mores, and Q had Birthday Cake.  Will definitely buy again.

We watched the golf (we were hoping for Rory or Rickie) and then fell into bed.  Even though Dave worked hard all day on Father's Day packing and moving, we don't feel too sorry for him, he did golf on Saturday afternoon and he's off to PEI this weekend for more golf. ;)


  1. Congratulations to Q, He did great! That's a lot of work packing up for the renovations. When we did our kitchen renovation a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe the amount of 'stuff' that we had! We have a small kitchen space and I din't think I had so many things. Good luck with all your home renovations, I'm sure that it will look amazing. Sounds like Dave had a great Father's Day weekend (we celebrate ours in September over here).

  2. What a great weekend! The hockey looks like fun...some of our neighbors have kids who play hockey, but that's obviously not as big in the states. I was hoping for Rory or Rickie too, but the winner's story about his mom had me happy he won. The ice cream sandwiches look like the perfect treat!