Wednesday, June 21, 2023

School Days - Grade 1

The last day of school will soon be upon us.  This was the first "normal" year that Q has ever had.  No missed days of school, most of the extra-curricular activities were back, and no masks required.  I think most parents and teachers can agree that the kids are behind on where they should be academically. This was definitely the case for Q. Although his handwriting has gotten neater and he certainly has grasped all of the Grade 1 concepts, he is definitely behind in his reading.  Many kids have caught up this year, but Q still needs some work.  We worked on various things that tried to help him and although we made some progress, it was hard to keep the momentum up. We will keep up the reading help over the summer and get him some tutoring help next year. A reminder to all of us that he’s in French Immersion so he’s learning both languages. The curve is a little steeper and it does level off eventually.

Despite his reading challenges, Q loves going to school, he has lots of friends, and always comes home with stories. His teacher was the same one E had in Grade 2 so we knew her and she is a great teacher.  Now that I work from home two days a week, and there were actually things happening at the school, I was able to volunteer for pizza day every once in awhile, and I got to see the Halloween costume parade.

Q particpated in some art classes at lunchtime, got some after school tutoring offered by the school, and played a lot of ball hockey, soccer base (or as they call it "kickball"), and soccer.

Q attended the YMCA before and after school program and they have so much fun there.  We continued to share drives with our neighbours and the littles were good companions for each other.  They are moving away this summer and we will miss our friends (and the convenience of going up to the school only once a day).  

Showing me something he made at the YMCA

Lunchroom friends on pizza day

Some school work outside of Q's classroom.

Ready for Valentine's Day

PJ Christmas Party Day

Some artwork

Halloween Parade

Cross Country Run Day.

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  1. Awe! What a fun recap... I love the school photos!

  2. That's so interesting that Q is learning both French and English. That would make learning to read and write very challenging until they get the hang of it. It's great that working form home means you can go and volunteer at Q's school. I used to love volunteering and was lucky enough to be able to do it often when Luke was at school because I was only working part time back then. When Sam was at school it was a bit different because I was working full time and I couldn't volunteer. But thankfully I had a very understanding Director who would let me take time off work to attend the special parent events that were sometimes held during the day.