Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What's Up Wednesday

 What we're eating this week...
Sunday - chicken tenders, roasted potatoes
Monday - BBQ'd chicken legs, rice, salad
Tuesday - Pizza and Pasta
Wednesday - I may surprise the kids with dinner out to celebrate the end of the year, Dave will be at the golf course.
Thursday - Leftovers in the fridge
Friday and Saturday - Camping meals

What I'm loving...

My favourite summer lunch spot is back, the Toronto Union Station Summer Market. It's right across the street from my work and I convinced some of my co-workers to join me yesterday. 

What we've been up to...

Making ourselves comfortable in our new living quarter in the basement

What I'm dreading...

I suppose you could say I'm dreading the dust and noise that will start in earnest today as demo gets underway, but I'm just looking forward to everything getting started.  I'm sure it won't be anything we can't handle. 

What I'm working on...

I've got my packing lists ready for the boys to go to overnight camp.  I need to pick up some clothing labels at Staples today, and then I can start packing.  We always make things difficult on ourselves by going camping on the same weekend that camp starts, so it means some rearranging of swimsuits, jackets, and shoes at our campsite to repack for overnight camp.  I took the camp's list and then made it into my own personalized checklist. 

What I'm excited about...
The last day of school!! The kids go right to the bitter end of June with the last day on Friday this year.  I always love seeing the first day vs. last day of school photos to see how they have grown.  Stay tuned to my Instagram on Friday (@smacto).

What I'm watching/reading...
We are watching the Arnold and Duggar Family documentaries, will start Season 2 of Succession next week, and we always have time for Seinfeld and Downton Abbey.

I will do my June book recap on Friday, so check back then. 

What I'm listening to...

I'm back into the Dopamine playlist on Spotify, it was my go-to last summer and it is constantly being updated so some of my favourites have been removed, but some other standards remain.  "As it was" is not the song of summer 2023 but I still love to hear it.

What I'm wearing...

I bought a new mascara when I was at Sephora to get my birthday gift.  I have been wearing Benefit's mascara for years, but I wanted something that wasn't as dark and hard to remove.  I asked them what they had for brown mascara and this was one of the ones they showed me. I love that I don't have to pry it off my eyelashes at the end of the day.

What I'm doing this weekend...
We are kicking off the first true weekend of summer with a camping trip to Killbear.  Then we are dropping both boys off at overnight camp.  Q will go for a week and E will stay for two weeks. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...

A kid-free week while both kids are at camp, golf, family pool party, and camping at Tobermory with our neighbours.

What else is new...
I won two raffle prizes at the Party in the Playground last week (after telling E I never win anything). One is for Ernie's Icebox where we got our ice cream sandwiches last week, and one is for Sweet Flour cookies.

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  1. WHY do we have to go to school for so long?!?!? It feels like it takes forever for our last day to finally get here… I hope E has such a great time in his two weeks at camp. Our kids only ever go for one and two feels like it would be so fun! And I’m looking forward to next week when I have time to catch up on blog reading and hear all about your renos!!! Natasha @ Here’s The Scoop

  2. I'm excited to follow along with your renovation!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  3. Enjoy your kid free week! I hope both boys love camp.

  4. I always loved those school packing lists, they were so helpful. But my oldest son would usually wear the same thing day and night so almost everything came back the same way I had packed it. Lucky that school camps were only for two nights! Congratulations on your raffle wins, I don't ever win anything either. Hey now that I said that I might win something just like you did!

  5. Your temporary living quarters look comfy so I hope you can enjoy that during the reno. Hooray for mascara that's easy to remove! I'm late in commenting on WUW posts but I hope your July is off to a great start!