Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Camping Recap - Killbear

First of all it was the last day of school on Friday so I got the obligatory last day photos. Our usual photo place is inaccessible so you can’t see the progression on the light switch, but you can tell they have grown.

Last walk with B!

The boys went to school for half a day and then we picked them up so we could hit the road for camping.  We were trying out a new campground this year, Killbear (a very popular one on Georgian Bay), and that meant we would not be passing by Weber’s, which is one of our favourite traditions. We decided to go that way anyway and then cut across to Killbear, it added a half hour to our drive, but worth it!!

This year there was a campfire ban, given all of the recent and current forest fires, so that was too bad.  We thought that given the rain, and that campgrounds have controlled fire pits and are constantly monitored, they should make an exception for provincial parks, but it was not to be.  We definitely missed this aspect of camping. 

We got everything set up and were in no hurry to get supper ready since we had eaten late at Webers. After our friends arrived, we took a stroll down to the beach.  It was a beautiful night and everyone went swimming (but not me, I did not feel like changing into my suit).

This is “the most photographed tree in Canada” apparently.  I thought it looked like something the Group of Seven would have painted. One person said “Tom Thomson would have loved this tree” but I don’t see that he actually painted it.

Dave and I did not sleep that well, our air mattress had a hole in it, so we ended up on the ground by morning.  And it rained overnight so that kept me up.
Nevertheless, it was a beautiful morning.  Q was first up for some Lucky Charms. Followed by second breakfast of pancakes.

We all went for a hike after breakfast.

After the hike we grabbed an ice cream cone, and then it was beach time.  What a great day!

Killbear also has a cliff jumping spot. Q didn’t have a life jacket so he couldn’t do it, and I am too afraid, but everyone else took a turn.  Dave only took videos so no photos from this jumping session, more later on.

Some games at the campsite and a trip to the beach for sunset.

We packed up on Sunday morning and did a few more cliff jumps and a short stint at the beach.

We have been camping with this family for years, it is fun to see the kids grow up.

Camp drop off was 3:45 so we had a bit of time to kill. Poor Q was tired out before we even got to camp!

We had lunch at Trestle Brewing in Parry Sound.  

Then we headed to camp.  They boys were excited.  I think Q will take some time to warm up, but ultimately he will have a great time. We try to push our kids into these experiences and I tend to second guess myself, he is 6 after all, but he will be better for it.

On Monday, a holiday, Dave went golfing, and I puttered around the house and got a pedicure.  When Dave got back we rode our bikes to Bandit Brewery and Halo Brewery. 

A great kick off to the summer!

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  1. Wow your boys have grown so much in a year! The camping trip looks like it was a really fun time and the place you stayed looks beautiful. Shame about the campfire ban. They don’t really have summer camps for kids over here. Camps are only really a school organised activity for year 6 and up and they are only away for two nights at the most. It looks like your boys are having a fantastic time.