Thursday, July 20, 2023

Renovation Update

Our renovation is finally underway, after a couple of weeks of demolition.  Rather than do one large post at the end, I wanted to bring you along the way.

First step, since our kitchen isn't being renovated, the contractors walled it off and built a box around our island.

Half of this part of the house will be removed and replaced with a second storey room, and the other half will remain, all is demo'd.

Upstairs down to the studs.  Our house was built in 1928 so it had a plaster and lathe interior and no insulation.  We were pleased to see the strong wood underneath all of that, a very sturdy house. For those of you who know our house, this photo was taken in E's room, looking towards our room at the front of the house.

The living room, mid demo. 

We had three bins full (sort of like the baa baa black sheep).  The fourth bin is in our driveway now and will be slowing filled up.

Beams and framing delivered. 

Framing is happening now, and some discussion about the radiators and air conditioning.

We have had one issue so far.  When we went camping for Canada Day the workers left the water running in the upstairs bathroom overnight and it leaked all the way down to the basement.  We will need to have the walls and floors replaced down there now *thumbs down*.  But it is livable and could have been so much worse.  Since part of the roof is coming off later, I'm hoping this is our only water damage!

This is where it leaked into the main floor, this was not supposed to be touched, but will have to be replaced now.

Looking up at the ceiling in the basement. 

A portion of the laminate flooring in the basement lifted up and will need to be replaced.

And as for living in the basement, it's not bad.  The noise has been fine, the dust is not an issue, and it's been great being here for daily inspections and to discuss various things in real time with the contractor.  Of course it would be the one time we leave that we have an issue!!


  1. Ugh -- I'm so sorry you've had some water damage. How frustrating. But I am looking forward to catching up on everything going on. This is a BIG reno!

  2. Oh no to the water issue! Fingers crossed that there are no more issues from now on. Looks like a big project and it will look great once its all done.

  3. Wow that is a HUGE renovation and I am so sorry that you already had problems; hopefully it will be smooth sailing and I'm sure it will be totally worth it in the end.

  4. Looks like everything is coming along! Ugh--I'm so sorry about the leak.