Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Weekend Recap

 I documented my whole day on Friday, you can read that post here.

Given the previous night's festivities, it was tough to get up the next morning to go and pick up E from camp.  Normally we all go up to get him, but Q had a t-ball game and a birthday party so he and Dave stayed home and I went up alone.  

We spent the rest of his money at the camp store, said goodbye to his cabinmates, and then headed out.  We stopped in Bala for lunch.  It is such a cute town.

We had lunch at The Smokin' Birds food truck. 

I had the brisket sandwich.

And E had the bacon cheddar burger.  Along with the crinkle cut fries, everything was delicious!

Checked out a few shops, picked up some bakery items, and stopped to look at the falls on the way back to the car.

Some goofiness on the way home.

We got back in time for me to drive Q to the birthday party he was going to, and when he got back, we walked up the street for the annual Bloor West Street Fest.  Although one of my pet peeves is buskers, the boys were enthralled by this magician.

They played on this giant drumkit (if you can call it that).

And then we got a patio table at Shakeys. 

We dared E to eat the remaining jalapeno peppers on the nacho plate. I said I'd pay him $10 but he somehow negotiated his way up to $50.  He did eat them all and didn't suffer too much.  So the $50 is payable.

We also enjoyed some live music while we were eating. 

E had a baseball game on Sunday but I didn't get any photos.  We puttered around the house and the kids played with the neighbours.  We ordered Maker Pizza and garlic fingers for supper, and watched Amazing Race Canada. 

Q and E were both snuggling with me...

...but it was really a heist as E undid my watch to "steal" it. 

An early night for the boys, and after an episode of Succession, it was an early night for us!

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  1. Wow E did great eating the jalapeños. There’s no way I could do that not even for $50, I’m not good with hot spicy food. I just started watching Succession and I’m up to episode 2. I can’t say I like any of the characters!