Monday, July 10, 2023

Not Just a Mom Link Up - Top 5 Favourite Family Activities

Hi Friends! Welcome to our monthly link up.  My co-hosts are AdrienneDaraJenJoanne, and Lauren. This month we sharing our Top 5 Favourite Family Activities.

Camping - We go camping at least twice a summer and everyone loves it.  We love the outdoor, non-screen, active time together. We get the kids to help set up, but also can tell them to "go play".  I love not having to do anything during the day except hike, go to the beach, and sit around the fire.  I know camping is a lot of work to prepare, set up, and cook, but it is all worth it in the end.

Skiing - Skiing takes up a lot of our time in the winter, we ski every weekend and have gone on a ski holiday for March Break for the past two years.  It is something we can all do together, and we can all go at our own pace (which now means that I am the slow one people are waiting for!).  

Switch Games - My boys love playing video games, and although I am not thrilled that this is a major pastime, Dave and I do get in on the action when we can play Mario Kart or the Sports games, like bowling, tennis, or golf. 

Picking Songs - When we are in the car, we have gotten into the habit of E picking out the music.  He knows all these weird songs from Fortnite and from his friends.  They are usually pretty catchy, even though some are annoying.  We will also set up a music queue where everyone gets to choose something and we keep going in that pattern. 

Neighbourhood Get-togethers - We are lucky we live in a neighbourhood with people we like to hang out with and who have kids the same age as our kids.  We camp together, ski together, have parties, and the best, just have random meet ups on the weekend where the parents get to chat (and enjoy a drink or two) and the kids keep themselves entertained outside. 

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  1. We do a music queue too! Everybody gets a turn with something they like and there is less complaining.

    Devin loves camping and wishes I was more into it… I love to be outside but I’m too picky about sleep. I need a bed!

    Lauren @ Don’t Mind Our Mess

  2. I loved camping growing up we use to go every other weekend. I have taken my kids once and oh my is it a lot more work that I ever remember.

  3. I love the fun outdoor activities! Gabbie never wanted to go camping though the boys might have liked that!

  4. We take turns picking songs on road trips. It's such great insight into what the kids are listening to. And I wish we had a neighbourhood to hang out with -- that's such a gift.

  5. My husband would have loved if we had picked up skiing as a family activity but I broke my leg in grade school and never wanted to try again and my youngest two boys hated being in the snow/outdoors. My oldest did give it a shot and did pretty well until his 3rd or 4th trip where he had a major wipeout and decided it wasn't for him either. My poor husband has no one to go with now!

  6. Camping and skiing -- I cannot relate. haha! That is so neat that you do those things together though! Picking out songs --so fun. It's the little things.:)

  7. I loved camping as a kid and I have some of the best memories from those days as I'm sure your boys will too. It's so great that you have neighbours you hang out with and do fun things with. We have nice neighbours but we just say 'hi' and 'bye'. Now my boys are grown up its so hard to get everyone together but I've found food to be a great draw card!

  8. The camping sounds like a lot of fun and so does the Skiing. My girls are not into being active despite me trying but they love playing Switch games and it sounds like you have a lovely neighbourhood.

  9. We used to camp when the kids were younger, but it was never a favorite activity of my husband's. I think it's so cool that you have the kind of neighborhood where you can hang out with neighbors!