Monday, May 8, 2023

Not Just A Mom - Pet Peeves

Happy Monday!  Welcome to our monthly link up for May.  My co-hosts are AdrienneDaraJenJoanne, and Lauren. Check out their posts and others' that linked up below.

This month we are sharing our Pet Peeves. Nothing brings people together more than commiserating over those things that drive us nuts! Another link up I participate in had Pet Peeves as its topic last month so I wrote about my work-specific pet peeves over there and saved the rest of them for today.

Grammar mistakes.  This one appeared in my list of work pet peeves too, but it's a universal complaint.  I am constantly correcting the use of "who" vs. "whom" and proper use of adverbs vs. adjectives.  Adverbs describe verbs and end in "-ly".  For example, it's "drive safely", not "drive safe" because drive is a verb.  (Okay, I'll stop now.)

Bottled water.  I know that sometimes it is necessary, if your tap water is not safe, and occasionally while travelling, but most people do have safe drinking water and there are usually places to refill a bottle you can bring from home. 

When people do not clear the snow from their portion of the sidewalk.  Sometimes the little plough will come by to do the sidewalk, but residents are supposed to clear their own walk and it's so annoying to come across a place that hasn't been cleaned.  And I'm someone with no mobility issues, it's really not good if you do, or if you have a stroller. 

When my family does not come to the table when I say dinner is ready.  The food is hot and ready to eat, get to the table! 

When someone (ahem, Dave) is doing the dishes while I'm cooking and piles up the clean ones in the second sink before rinsing them all off and setting them on the counter to dry.  Inevitably I will need the second sink to rinse something off, wash my hands after touching raw meat, or drain some hot water. (He will say, "your pet peeve is that I'm doing the dishes, poor you", but it's the placement of the clean dishes, I certainly appreciate the dishes being cleaned!!)

When people put glasses in the sink.  I am afraid they will slide and tip over and break.  I prefer them to be set on the counter (or even better, directly in the dishwasher).

Waiting. I am an on time person, and I hate waiting for other people. 

Podcast recommendations.  I feel like this is the new "guess what dreamt about last night?", I tune right out as soon as someone starts talking about this.  I listen to enough podcasts that I really can't take on anymore.

People who wear poppies after Remembrance Day.  It's supposed to be removed after 11:00 on Remembrance Day, ideally after you've attended a service and placed your poppy on the cenotaph.  I'll give you a couple of days if you forget, but as we get into December or (horrors) February, I can't forgive it.

Kids watching an iPad at a place where there is already entertainment - like at a sporting event, the beach, or whatever.  The fun stuff is happening right in front of them, have them look around! This is especially true if you've spent money on whatever it is.

People that don't move over on the sidewalk to let you go by and force you onto the grass or road.  Single file people!

I really could go on, but I'll cap it here. 

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  1. Yes to so many of those! My family was the same about coming to the table, especially when my kids were younger. They would say they were starving and then take forever! I feel the same about bottled water and I just want to rip iPads out of kids hands and say look around!!

  2. Oh my gosh YES to bottled water. My parents still occasionally drink bottled water (not at home, but when they go for a hike or something) and it drives me NUTS! I am always telling them to take a reusable bottle-- it's no less convenient! Ugh!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  3. I had to laugh at the dishes one. My husband washes dishes so weirdly! He puts the soaped up ones back down in the sink and then rinses it all off at the end. As for the glasses - sometimes they put them on the side of the sink and I don't see them and knock them down! My kids are pretty bad at coming to the table when dinner's ready too! But if we call them too early they will be like I don't see my dinner.

  4. I am guilty of grammar mistakes. We buy bottled water for guests (I don't know why) but Brian grabs them and will drink half of one and leave it laying around.

  5. I love that you used to quote from Frank Costanza! I wish I'd thought of that because I quote him a lot. I totally agree about family not coming for dinner when called (my husband will come home from work and lie down even though I tell him we're eating in five minutes. Grr.) and kids with iPads at sporting events or whatever. Mind you, we adults with our cellphones out are probably setting a bad example, but please.

  6. Right there with you on bottled water! Do you have people that drive without clearing the snow off their car? That is a huge pet peeve of mine in winter. I will eat without my family if they don't come to the table when I call; if they want cold food that's on them but I'm eating while it's hot. LOL!

  7. At the dinner table tonight, I JUST told my family (again) how much it irritates me when they don't come to the dinner table when I've said dinner is ready...I even give a five minute warning!

  8. You are right complaining about things that drive us crazy really do bring us together. What a great list.
    My brother drives me mad with buying bottled water. He is wasting a small fortune on it never mind the damage he's doing to our plantet. Grr!

  9. I also hate waiting. I'm always a little early (which truthfully is probably a pet peeve to someone!), and I hate when people are late.