Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Design Ideas

I thought I would share a bit about what we are doing for our renovation.

You can look back at the last home tour I did in 2021, not much has changed since then. Our basement is not being renovated as it was done a few years ago and is still suitable for what we need.  We will be living down there for the duration of the reno, I'll give you a tour of our new living quarters when we get settled in.

The main floor layout will not be changing, and the kitchen itself is staying as is.  The people that lived here before us had done the major work of adding a one-storey extension so that the back of the house has been updated.  The front of the house is still the original (1928) plaster and lathe walls with no insulation, so it needs to be taken down to the brick, insulated, and have drywall put up.  The entire main floor will get new hardwood. Our windows were replaced 6 years ago and we don't need new ones.  

The second floor will have the most change.  We will build back over half of that one-storey extension to create a room for Q. Our current bathroom will be truncated and redone to be the boys' bathroom.  Q's existing room will be our ensuite.  And our room will get a walk in closet.  There is a bit of reconfiguration with the closets, and then we will put down new floors and do the insulation and drywall.

Q's room, to become our ensuite bathroom.

This will become a walk through to Q's new room towards the back of the house.

The sink will go where this dresser is.

Walk in closet to be added where dresser is now.

Because of the new storey being added to half of the current back addition, we will lose the big lofted windows in the back of the house, but we will keep some of the height and add some skylights, as we do really like that extra daylight.  

We have hired the contractor that did our neighbours' entire house last year, but we have not hired a designer (at least not yet).  We have a few ideas for what we want to do with the new spaces. 

We have a lot to do, but the end result will be worth it. 


  1. You have a big job ahead of you. It will be lovely when finished

  2. Oh that does sound like it is going to be so lovely!!

  3. I LOVE your kitchen. I can't wait to follow along as you make your house updates.