Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Weekend Recap

The weather finally turned around for us at the end of the week and Friday was beautiful. I took the opportunity to bike up the street to pick up some food and library books, it's such an efficient way to do errands!
Dave finally got out for his first round of golf for the year. I made him pose for a photo.

Q had skating.

And then we met my aunt for dinner at Joey.  She was visiting from Halifax so we were glad we could see her while she was here.

I set my alarm for 3:55 on Saturday morning so I could get up and watch King Charles' Coronation.  I had some scones and drank my coffee out of a tea cup.  I really enjoyed seeing it all and hearing Handel's Zadoc the Priest, one of his coronation anthems, sung at the last 11 coronations.  I was wondering how a young Queen Elizabeth managed it all at her young age. 

I have this one and two others I got from my grandmother.  I chose this because of the pretty colour and the M

But didn't realize what it was from until this weekend - Princess Margaret's visit to Canada in 1958!

Then we all went to High Park for Q's t-ball league's opening day. (Note the coffee in my arm.)

Everyone getting ready for the parade of players.

Q is on the Reds (that's him on the right with his arms up).

An introduction of the teams, a round of O Canada, the players' and parents' pledges, and a few words from the league's president.  We saw a bunch of familiar faces.

They had cotton candy and popcorn afterwards.

Then Q switched uniforms and played ball hockey.  It had been cancelled for the past two weeks so he was happy to finally get started.

He's number 3, taking the face-off.

Dave had already left to go to the golf course, so then after the game we shared a poutine and went to the playground with a few of Q's friends.

We went home briefly and I had a 20 minute doze. Then we went to the Etobicoke Humane Society to drop off some donations of old towels and sheets, and while we were there got a tour of the cats they have.  I had promised Dave I wouldn't come home with a cat, but only because we are doing a reno now and that's not the best time to bring a new pet in, but I can make no promises for when we're done. 

We went to Canadian Tire to get a couple of things after that before going home.  I actually did a Peloton when I got home, even though I was tired, but my muscles were sore so I knew it was a good idea.  And then I watched F1 Quali. 

Some friends came over, they aren't allowed on the grass right now as Dave is trying to get the new seeds to grow, so the played up above.

Dave was out late.  E and I watched a bit of TV before going to bed early!

On Sunday morning we had to be at church early.  The bell choir (which I'm not really a part of but do join in occasionally when they need an extra ringer) was doing a special performance for the Sunday school kids.  Someone read the Noah's Ark story and the bells accompanied it with sound effects.  Then we let the kids try out the bells.

They also made these rainbow cookies.

E had baseball practice right after so we scooted over there.  We were prepared with our packed lunch and umbrellas, but it started pouring so we were only there for about 20 minutes before they called it off.  Then sadly E's golf was canceled too. Instead I went to the grocery store, the E made cupcakes, I cleaned out the front hall closet.

We set up on the couch for the F1 Miami race, followed by Blue Jays baseball, followed by Maple Leafs hockey.  Two out of three weren't bad!

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