Friday, May 5, 2023

Friday Favourites

It's Friday again! And hopefully we will see the sun this weekend, we have a full weekend of baseball, ball hockey, and golf!

A few favourite things from this week...

I picked up a frozen Pizzeria Libretto pizza at Loblaws last week. Now, it certainly isn't as good as the real thing fresh at the restaurant, but it is a decent substitute for a frozen pizza.

With the Leafs first home game of Round 2, the city as very excited on Tuesday.  This crane across from my office raised this flag. I guess no crane work was required that day.

Speaking of views from my window, I spotted a sailboat on Monday.

I decided to try out a few new things from Sephora - all recommended by Shay.  I got an under eye colour corrector and CC Cream that I thought would be lighter for summer time, and a brow lift pencil.  I'm not a huge fan of microblading, at least not for me, but I thought I could add a bit of a shade to my brows.

Spied on Q as he finished up his soccer. He plays hard!

Yesterday I posted some spring photos. 

The boys wore their Star Wars shirts for May the 4th yesterday.

I will be up early to watch the Coronation.  I've been getting up early for Royal events since I was born (Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981) so I'm not going to stop now. I truly enjoy these things and will appreciate the history, pomp and circumstance (and the fashion and the gossip, i.e. do William and Kate speak to Harry? etc.).

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  1. Wow, you have a beautiful view from your window! I will also be watching the Coronation, and I can't wait! It is so different from anything we see or do here in America and I am excited to take it all in. What a fun piece of history in the making!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  2. That frozen pizza does look good. Those spring blooms are just lovely!!

  3. I love those star wars T-shirts! And the view from your office is amazing. I was out on Saturday night so I couldn’t watch the coronation from home. But I did watch a few snippets on my phone. I didn’t want to miss the live screening completely. What a moment in history! I was also wondering about whether or not Harry got to talk to his family. But it sounds like he flew in and out fast. It will probably be all over the media in the next few days. Hope you are having a great weekend Sarah!