Friday, May 19, 2023

Friday Favourites

Long weekend! Yay! This weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer in my mind.  We have a few fun things on the go, including a Blue Jays game!

Last week I said that one of my pet peeves is podcast recommendations.  However I will start listening to a podcast if I hear enough people talking about it, and one of these is Julia Louis-Dreyfus's podcast Wiser Than Me. I already love Julia so much but she is just so likeable and I enjoy listening to her voice as well.  I've just listened to a few so far - Jane Fonda (who is 85 by the way!), Isabel Allende (who I didn't know at all, but loved), and Fran Lebowitz (another favourite of mine) - and will continue.  

I made this pretty smoothie bowl on Wednesday. I took advantage of my working from home morning routine to make a breakfast that I can sit and enjoy.

The Grade 6 students at E's school get to go on an overnight trip about an hour from here. He left on Wednesday and will return today.

With E gone and Dave at golf, Q and I went out for supper at The Crooked Cue.  

We played some pool too and Q was getting the hang of it. 

Dave and I are celebrating our anniversary next week.  We still like each other after 14 years of marriage. Now, we are starting a home renovation next month so hopefully it stays that way!! We don't have any official plans for our actual anniversary day (and I'm going to be golfing!) but we are going to California at the end of the month so we can count that as an anniversary trip.

A few photos of us over this past year. 

I'm taking Monday off for the long weekend, but I'll be back on Tuesday.

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  1. Happy anniversary!! A trip to California sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. Your one-on-one date with Q looks so sweet!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  2. That smoothie bowl looks wonderful! Good luck with the renovations.

  3. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus too so I will listen to her podcast. The smoothie bowl looks so colourful and healthy! I hope E had a wonderful trip. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you guys still like each other, I chuckled when I read that but I know what you mean. It's always great when you still like hanging out and enjoy doing things with your partner even after so many years. Have a wonderful long weekend and 'see' you on Tuesday.

  4. I will add that podcast to my list. Happy anniversary to you and Dave!