Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Weekend Recap

We celebrated the last day of skating lessons with dinner at Queen Margherita Pizza.  


Then we watched the rest of the sad hockey game where the Leafs lost :(

On Saturday morning, we slept in, which was so nice, and then it was off to High Park for Q's ball hockey game.  It was a beautiful morning.

His loose tooth came out while he was playing so he looked like a real hockey player.

On our way home, Dave dropped me off to do a little shopping, and I found two dresses and a pair of earrings (Happy Mother's day to me).  Then I cleaned up the backyard and hosed down our chairs.  I invited a couple of ladies over for a late afternoon cocktail.

E was at the movies, but Q hung out with us too.  When E got home, he and Dave went for a quick 7 holes of golf before the sun set.

The next day was Mother's Day and I received some nice flowers and cards, and a croissant for breakfast.

And the boys and I went to church (one of my new dresses!)

And then we went right to E's baseball game. 

Dave and Q played catch while watching the game.

E has a few friends on his team which is great!

A few more gifts when we got home.  

We had plans for the buffet dinner at the golf club.  E was actually golfing in the afternoon and only had two holes left when we arrived for our meal, so he just met us inside when he was done.

Everything was delicious but the highlight for me was the prime rib!

We watched Air when we got home, but I was sort of falling asleep.  I liked the people in the movie but thought it could have been better. 

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