Thursday, May 11, 2023

Three Things

Three things happening with each of us at the moment:


1. Q is very excited about playing ball hockey, t-ball, and soccer this summer.  He likes all of the sports and has a competitive side.
2. He is going to overnight camp for a week this summer.  We still help him out in the shower but I told him he needs to figure it out on his own for when he is at camp, the counsellors won't be able to help him there!
3. Q may be 6 years old, but he hangs in there with the big boys.  The other day he went over to our neighbour's house (who is E's age) when he got home from school and while E was at tutoring, then Q brought a couple of boys back to our house to play and E wasn't even home yet. 


1. E has started baseball for the year.  He will know a couple of kids from school and some that played on his team last year.  They are making up the teams this week so we'll see where it shakes out.
2. He likes the show Brainchild on Netflix and has been watching that lately. They have some clever things to teach the kids, and clever is right up E's alley.
3. He is back into playing Fortnite but now often calls his friends on the iPad so they can chat outside of the game.  I still am not a fan of video games, but I do like that he can play with his friends.


1. Dave is in Las Vegas this week for work.  Although these trips are always busy, he does have a few nice dinners planned.
2. He is one of the team captains for men's night at the golf club this summer.  They drafted their teams earlier this week and he is excited to get started. 
3. Dave has turned his attention to some of the design features for our renovation.  He has picked out a few things for the boys' rooms and (I think) even placed a couple of orders. 


1. I have been doing a pretty good job of decluttering as we pack up in preparation for our reno.  It's a lot easier when you realize you have no desire to pack it up and then unpack it if it's something that is never used.  
2. I have found we are buying more packaged food lately, meaning things like frozen waffles, frozen fries, Kraft Dinner, etc.  It's a slippery slope, but it does make things easier on those busy nights.  
3. Our good friends are moving away this summer so I am planning a going away party for them for next month.  We will have it at a local private club and it's sort of a potluck.  As long as the weather is fine, it will be a pretty easy event to manage.

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